Odyssea is a non-profit organization, founded in 2016, that supports vulnerable young people in order to best claim their rights in society. With the mission to ensure that people have equal opportunities by harnessing the power of knowledge for employment and personal development, Odyssea equips its beneficiaries with the skills to be competitive in the job market by providing tailored vocational and life-skills training and offering employability services. Odyssea’s vision is to build a world where all young people thrive by realizing their full potential.

During the last 7 years, Odyssea worked closely with other organizations in the refugee field and supported almost 1,500 refugees and asylum seekers (47,4% of Odyssea’s total beneficiaries), with 8% being 16-18 years old. Consistent data monitoring (Odyssea Platform), national and international survey consulting, and close communication with the beneficiaries and other stakeholders allow for a clear and multi-level assessment of the needs and best practices that need to be met.

Odyssea is a data-driven organization that utilizes well-documented processes and information to best respond to specific tasks and swiftly adapts to change. In that mindset, we have designed, developed, and implemented a range of custom digital tools to organize, monitor and scale our work, and measure our impact. By using data analytics, we enhance our commitment to an evidence-based model for decision-making and can share valuable data and good practices with our sponsors, the job market, and other stakeholders of the humanitarian ecosystem.

An indication of the quality activity of the organization is the rapid growth in recent years, offering training and employability services to the following number of participants: 2019: 419, 2020: 506, 2021: 1,217, 2022: 1,780. In 2022 alone, we enrolled 930 people in our Academy services (with over 1,200 hours of training) with an 87% completion rate and 85% satisfaction rate. 850 people received employability and job search support services, with a successful placement rate of over 45%.