The Istituto Comprensivo Statale San Giovanni I (ICSG) is a school that operates in the south of Italy and precisely in Roccarainola and that hosts students from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. The ICSG is at the forefront in the fields of inclusion and innovative SEN practices. In recent years, the school has welcomed a significant number of students with disabilities and special educational needs and has invested a lot of resources in order to foster their inclusion. Specifically, it implemented structured inclusion and psychological support projects, and staff training initiatives for school staff. Within the school organization there are several figures with relevant skills in various fields, especially in that of inclusion.
The staff is composed of:
– curricular and support teachers;
– teachers performing instrumental function, including one responsible for the area of inclusion and academic success;
– one teacher referring to school inclusion;
– one psychologist, managing the psychological listening desk. Also, specific professional figures are sent by the Social Area territorially competent.