The Association for Hungarian Digital Education (AHDE) is the leading professional association and knowledge-network of and for the most innovative teachers, pedagogy experts and schools. The members are dedicated to the use of digital and mobile technologies and innovative pedagogy based on gamification, collaborative, active and inquiry learning, especially in STEAM education. 

AHDE represents: 

  • 1140 teachers from 417 Hungarian public and/or VET schools – as individual members; 
  • 58 researchers of digital education – as experts; 
  • 71 public and VET schools. 

The main activities of AHDE is to focus on teachers’ digital competences development. These areas are as follows:

  • runs continuous professional development of math and science (STEAM) elementary, secondary and VET teachers in Hungary to use ICT/GeoGebra/digital tools, mobile tech(applications) in the classroom teaching an Technology Enhanced Home-learning; 
  • builds up capacity of teachers in digital pedagogy, and develop their digital competence; 
  • runs OD workshops/training for the headmasters about developing digital learning culture in the schools;
  • supports the school leasers and teachers in digital transformation, managing the change, development of digital learning/teaching school culture and development of the school as a learning organisation;
  • supporting the development and implementation of SELFIE based institutional digital action plan;
  • creates a knowledge sharing/network of “what works network“ of and for teachers and schools at national (European level later)
  • partnership in various Erasmus+ projects in line with its mission and activities.


The AHDE has a national pool of mentors/trainers for (i) building up  the capacity of STEAM teachers in digital pedagogical approaches and their digital competence; (ii) mentoring the implementation of mobile devices ,digital educational resources in classroom teaching and supported distance education.

The mission of AHDE is to promote, encourage, train and support the quality classroom and home-learning use of digital teaching technologies from K1 to K12 in order to maximize the students’ learning motivation, effectiveness and success.